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Michelle Liu on Revelation and Dualism

I'm happy to announce that at the next session of Mind Readings, our project seminar, we will have the opportunity to discuss Dr. Michelle Liu's upcoming paper "Revelation and the Intuition of Dualism". The session will take place on Zoom and is scheduled for Monday, March 29, 11 a.m. (UK time). Dr. Liu will be present at the session and is looking forward to hearing our comments and questions.


In recent literature on the metaphysics of consciousness, and in particular on the prospects of physicalism, there are two interesting strands of discussion. One strand concerns the so-called ‘thesis of revelation’, the claim that the essences of phenomenal properties are revealed in experience. The other strand concerns the intuition of dualism, the intuition that consciousness is nonphysical. With a particular focus on the former, this paper advances two main arguments. First, it argues that the thesis of revelation is intuitive; it is part of our ordinary, implicit conception of experience. Second, it brings the two strands of discussion together and puts forward a rational explanation of the intuition of dualism in terms of the intuitiveness of the thesis of revelation.

Everyone is welcome to join, please drop a line to Jakub Mihalik ( to register and receive the target paper. Please note that this will be a read-ahead session.

More information about Michelle Liu's work.

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