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The Consciousness & Matter Project (CON-MAT) is  a research project in the philosophy of mind which aims to trace links between the inner structure of our consciousness and the metaphysics of consciousness with focus on Russellian monism.

You can find here general information about CON-MAT, updates about our project seminar Mind Readings and about other events relevant to the project.



Despite good evidence that phenomenal consciousness with its experiential qualities is deeply tied with the neuronal electro-chemical activity of the brain, it is unclear how the latter produces the former. Dissatisfaction with the 20th century's prevailing physicalist paradigm has led to the revival of ‘supra-physicalism’ (Russellian monism) according to which matter has special intrinsic properties that are directly relevant for the production of human-level consciousness. The Consciousness & Matter Project (CON-MAT) uses an innovative methodology based on the notion of phenomenology of awareness to identify the nature of these properties and thus offer a fresh look on supra-physicalism.



The Consciousness & Matter Project is conducted by experienced researcher Dr. Jakub Mihalik, mentored by Dr. Sam Coleman—a leading supra-physicalist expert—at the University of Hertfordshire.


CON-MAT Events

  • Andrea Pace Giannotta - 'Naturalizing Phenomenal Intentionality'
    Online seminar
    14 Jun, 11:00 BST
    Online seminar
    At the next session of Mind Readings, we will discuss an upcoming paper by Andrea Pace Giannotta, PhD, entitled 'Naturalizing Phenomenal Intentionality'.
  • Sam Coleman – 'Unconscious Qualia and the Epiphenomenalist Threat'
    online seminar
    26 Apr, 11:00 BST
    online seminar
    At the next session of Mind Readings, we shall discuss Sam Coleman's (Herts) upcoming paper, entitled 'Unconscious Qualia and the Epiphenomenalist Threat'.
  • Michelle Liu: "Revelation and the Intuition of Dualism"
    Online seminar
    29 Mar, 11:00 BST
    Online seminar
    At the next session of Mind Readings we will have the opportunity to discuss Michelle Liu's upcoming paper "Revelation and the Intuition of Dualism".
  • Mind Readings | Alex Byrne on Color and the Mind-Body Problem
    Online seminar
    01 Mar, 11:00 – 12:30 GMT
    Online seminar
    Join us for Mind Readings, a philosophy of mind reading group, to discuss Alex Byrne's paper "Color and the Mind-Body Problem" (2006).